Rolls Royce Dawn

Engine V12
Seats 4
Door 2
Luggage 4
Insurance Third Party Insurance
Daily KM Limit 200km
Color White

Rolls Royce Dawn is a joyous assault on the senses. An effortless, yet exhilarating expression of absolute freedom. The beautiful abandon of letting go and embracing the spontaneity of any given moment. It lets us reconnect. With the beauty of the world above and with each other. Immerse yourself in the moment and experience the thrill of a motor car that reinvigorates body and soul.
Indulge the spirit of a true two-seater in Dawn Aero Cowling, the tonneau cover. Unmistakable Rolls-Royce luxury meets true spontaneity, with effortless transformation from two seats to four. Gracefully engineered and effusively dynamic, this is the ultimate in open-top freedom.
elebrate the enduring love affair between Rolls-Royce and the world of contemporary music. Dawn Inspired by Music’s Bespoke Audio system, engineered by audio experts, combines precious materials and precision components to achieve acoustic perfection. Hand-crafted copper accents complete the setting, making this your ultimate personal music venue.

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