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Normally when you’re kicking back in a prestige limo, there’s a well-dressed, professional chauffeur up front in the driver’s seat. That’s definitely not the case if the vehicle in question is the Mercedes-Benz S500 Intelligent Drive. Unlike the conventional S-Class ‘Benz, the S500 Intelligent Drive doesn’t require anyone to steer the car; it’s all down to a bewildering combination of algorithms, cameras and radar. We’ve just arrived at the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North American facility in Sunnyvale, California, to experience first hand what it’s like to be a passenger in one of the world’s first autonomous cars. And it’s not like we’re using a Mercedes-Benz purpose-built test centre for this particular self-driving vehicle test, either. We’ll be travelling over a 20-kilometre loop on public roads in a real-life environment around Sunnyvale, complete with all the usual obstacles including traffic lights, lane merging and four-way intersections; each with its own stop sign, just to make things more interesting. Mercedes Benz already completed a significant autonomous vehicle test in Germany in August 2013, when the S500 Intelligent Drive covered the 100km distance between the German cities of Mannheim and Pforzheim. That test followed the historic route used by Bertha Benz in her Patent Wagon 3 motorised vehicle.

The Mercedes GLE 63 AMG rental

Perhaps a more worrying moment for a colleague and I was a full-panic stop on a motorway entrance slip road, as we attempted to merge with another vehicle. Apparently, the system calculated that our car couldn’t safely accelerate past the other car and rather than risk a collision, decided the best course of action was to enact a full stop before continuing onto the freeway with clear space ahead. Another difficult situation for the Intelligent Drive car to deal with in the Unites States is the four-way stop junctions, which operate on a first-to-arrive, first-to-go basis. While the research car can actually deal with this event successfully, it’s also under continued development along with more up-to-date mapping data that can incorporate up to the minute road changes that local councils might make from day-to-day. While the Mercedes-Benz S500 Intelligent Drive is no less than science fiction for the here and now, our test drive clearly demonstrated that we are still a long way off the idea that you could walk into a dealership and purchase an autonomous vehicle.

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