DB Luxury cars Rent Mercedes C63 AMG

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Rent Mercedes C63 AMG in Dubai

DB Luxury Cars offer an outstanding selection of exclusive vehicles that, depending on the particular programme, are tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.Lamborghini Huracan looks amazing and it sounds spectacular.Huracan is more civilised,comfortable and approachable than the other Huracans in the range.

Lamborghini Huracan never fails to deliver a car that stands out from the rest and the Huracan exterior has crowd-pulling qualities galore,whilst its interior is straight from the future.And so I find myself on behind the wheel of the family-friendly five-door on a chilly afternoon in Dubai,And so I find myself on behind the wheel of the family-friendly five-door on a chilly afternoon in Dubai, a flat turquoise sea through the passenger-side window, the Welcome To The Great Ocean Road sign looming ahead, staring at the impossibly squat, rounded Dubai of a GT S – and there’s another one filling my wing mirrors. DB Luxury experience to the Huracan and, with its swagger and speed, you’ll need some serious headgear to keep your hair in place.Please give other people a thrill by driving this piece of street theatre.

Mercedes C63 AMG Rental Dubai with DB Luxury Cars

In Comfort drive mode, it’s comfortable, benign and, bar some roar from its 245mm front and 265mm rear Michelin Pilot Super Sports on coarse chip surfaces, very quiet. No, that signature AMG bent-eight ‘gargling’ exhaust note isn’t as prominent at a cruise as the old six-point-three. Nor does it have that straining-against-the-leash feel during around town driving. The new car is a more tempered and, perhaps, well-rounded urban driving character. For negotiating the Woolie’s carpark, or drawing undue attention to itself, it’s an improvement. It has a pleasant everyday soft edge and sheen of liveability its only other series production twin-turbo-V8 wagon rival, Audi’s larger RS6 Avant, could only hope for. For its sporting aspirations and considerable weight in the face of harnessing around 500 old-school horsepower through the rear wheels, the suspension’s Comfort damping is superb: slightly firm and nicely compliant while maintaining crisp body control and excellent isolation over the worst sealed-road surfaces.