Lamborghini Aventador SV Batman

Engine V12
Seats 2
Door 2
Luggage 1
Insurance Third Party Insurance
Daily Kilometer Limit 200km
Color Black MAT

Inside the carbon fiber monocoque you’re greeted by exposed CFRP doorskins, alcantara trimmed carbon bucket seats with SV grilled into the material, a properly chunky alcantara and leather wrapped steering wheel and a TFT screen flashing at you when it’s time to change up. It’s all very video-gamer but it’s brilliant.
The extra ace up the SV’s sleeve is the all-new Dynamic Steering, which continuously varies your steering ratio depending on speed, steering angle and what mode you’ve selected. It tames the beast and makes inner-city driving near-easy in short.
The top speed is “over 217mph”, which would give a Formula One car a run for its money, and to hear better the thrashing of the pistons and roar of the exhaust, Lamborghini has thoughtfully added a rear window that can be lowered at the touch of a button.
With the pair of carbon fibre roof panels also removable (by hand), it’s hard to imagine there will be any complaints about missing the glorious soundtrack of Lamborghini’s flaming-fast roadster.

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