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BMW X6M Rental Dubai

The BMW X6 M is a mode of transport that makes about as much sense as the current state of Australian politics. It’s not a coupe or a real SUV, yet it sits somewhere in the middle and no matter what you think of its divisive looks and bold character, it’s unbelievably fast..However, if you’re expecting a plush ride in an X6 M, you’re not matching the buyer demographic. This is perhaps where Mercedes-AMG, with its voodoo magic of making AMG cars ride smoothly without too much dynamic compromise might have an advantage with the GLE 63 AMG. But it’s important to note that you can live with it daily. It will perform like a trained docile guide dog when it’s left alone and turn into something far more savage with a double press of the M2 button on the steering wheel.

For those looking to upgrade from a first generation BMW X6 M, don’t be fooled by the specification sheet of the new car that shows the same 4.4L twin turbo V8 engine, it’s anything but. Ignoring the extra 15kW and 70Nm, BMW has updated a significant portion of the power unit with an enormous emphasis on better cooling, utilising five coolant pumps..There are significant hardware and software changes to the engine and transmission, giving it the same power but more torque than the more expensive BMW M5 (which is torque limited by its dual-clutch transmission). The company’s engineers have also remodelled the exhaust and muffler systems with the engine now emitting a far more mechanical sound than before, which in some ways sounds closer to that of the new M3/4 than the V8s of old.

BMW X6M Rental Dubai with DB Luxury Cars

The most remarkable thing about the i8 is that, once you’re inside the cockpit, the supercar doesn’t feel like an alien car-of-the-future. It drives like a normal car, albeit a very fast one. With its leather seats and familiar infotainment system, it does’t feel like a compromise.. When entering, white illuminated door sill panels made of stainless steel with AMG lettering deliver the greeting. The decorative elements made of real wood and the leather-clad gearshift stand out, as does the newly designed dashboard with the AMG instrument cluster -- which has a 280 km/h display and welcomes you with an AMG start-up screen. A large, center-mounted color display is part of the COMAND system, with a multiple DVD player and a COMAND controller. This new generation in infotainment includes Internet access and navigation with special off-road features.