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Rent Audi Q7 in Dubai

Thereís no doubt the 2016 Audi Q7 is already a successful model for the German brand. Sales of large SUVs in Australia are booming and the Q7 continues to do well for Audi in Australia (733 sales so far in 2016, against 234 in the same period 2015). With a starting price over six figures though ($103,900), even Audi has been forced to admit the Q7 is out of the reach of many potential buyers. That six figure starting price has led the company to this new model. The 160kW 3.0 TDI variant, which has a starting price of $96,300 plus the usual on-road costs and now offers Audi fans a more affordable entry into the large SUV ranks as well as those needing seven-seat functionality. That drop to just over 96 grand might not seem like much to a lot of you, but scraping in under 100 grand makes a big difference to a lot of potential luxury SUV buyers. The question is then, whether a Ďcheaperí Q7 with less mechanical tech and less power as standard can still deliver on the appeal of its more highly equipped and more powerful brethren.

Audi claims potential Q7 buyers who are on more of a budget, are happy to forgo standard equipment like Audi Virtual Cockpit for example, in order to access a cheaper vehicle. Audi still offers plenty of options packages for buyers with deeper pockets, but the launch vehicles we tested didnít even have the optional adaptive suspension, so we got a solid impression of what the Q7 buyer on a budget will get. First then, the engine. The good news is that there will be no normal driving instance where the 160kW tune will ever feel like itís lacking in power. We tested the new Q7 over most driving requirements except heavy stop start traffic, and the only time we even thought about the benefit of a little more grunt was roll-on overtaking on country roads. It was the only time we could ever feel the heft of the Q7 (down 240kg from the old model). Everywhere else, we struggled to come up with a reason why youíd need the 200kW tune. That doesnít mean you wonít want it Ė just that you donít need it.

Audi Q7 Rental in Dubai with DB Luxury Cars

The 160kW engine is incredibly quiet right from start up and almost inaudible at idle. Even with a gaggle of Q7s sitting together idling, thereís no perceptible diesel chatter. Under load, like when you accelerate hard from a standstill, the Q7 doesnít chug smoke, rattle or make any of the ugly noises we used to associate with diesel engines. Itís very much a refined all-round package.Another benefit youíll notice over the longer term is the fuel efficiency of this combination. The ADR claim is 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres, and we saw an indicated 7.8L/100km after two days of driving. Thatís impressive for a vehicle of this bulk, especially one that can carry seven occupants in comfort. Audi reminds us that this is the first iteration of the Q7 with electromechanical power steering, and itís a beautifully weighted system at any speed. You wonít feel like really hooking the Q7 into corners too often, but on the rare occasions that you might, the system delivers precision and feedback in equal measure. It delivers a near perfect compromise between low speed resistance and higher speed accuracy to always feel reassuring.